Mansion Estates Ltd
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About Us

Mansion Estates Ltd. was established in 2006 with the mission of developing extraordinary properties that equally served the interests of investors and consumers. That mission continues to be a driving force through today. Mansion Estates Ltd has always sought out the nation's finest investors, architects, contractors, and support staff. This enables us to be one of the nation's most respected property developers.

We use the latest in design technology and green building practices, enabling us to be on the forefront of innovation. Our projects vary from simple to simply spectacular. We specialize in residential master planned communities, as well as commercial building, office parks, shopping complexes and specialists projects for  NHS and Primary Care Trust. We pride our selves on our ability to form productive relationships with business and government. We build everything with honesty, integrity, and a solid commitment to quality. We never sacrifice quality for profit. In fact, our properties produce more revenue due to the reputation we have earned. We build property with the end consumer in mind, allowing investors to profit and consumers to live comfortably.

Mansion Estates Ltd have never waivered in their commitment to supporting communities. Mansion Estates Ltd has been involved in many charitable causes and civic organizations over the years. Mansion Estates Ltd believes in supporting the community. Building communities is what we do best!

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